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Style Prim Counts

Single PlayerMulti Player and
Pay To Play
Airliner Assault108114
Bunker Assault5258
ChristmasN/A98 (MP Only)
NAS Brittania124130
Steam Ship Skirmish4755
Under Construction4652
Urban Decay4049
Urban Wastelands4151
Western Saloon5261

Style Pics

Each style shown below contains two pictures. The Left hand picture shows the style used for the Multi Player and Pay To Play ranges and the Right hand picture shows the Single Player style.

Click on any of the style pictures to see a larger version.

Airliner Assault Firing Range

Bunker Assault Firing Range

Medieval Firing Range

NAS Brittania Firing Range

Steam Ship Skirmish Firing Range

Under Construction Firing Range

Urban Decay Firing Range

Urban Wasteland Firing Range

Western Saloon Firing Range

Special Ranges (Limited Availability)

Christmas Firing Range

  • Available During December Only
  • Competitive Version Only

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