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Owners Manual

Single Player, Multi Player and Pay to Play Models


Congratulations on your purchase of the best firing range system available in Second Life. These firing ranges are designed to the highest quality and supply an enjoyable challenge to the most experienced gun slinger while still being fun for lesser experienced users.

Version 2.0 of the firing ranges bring a selection of new features including MONO scripting to improve performance, a style rezzing system, more game modes, customizable target textures and a built in bow and/or pistol dispenser for those in need higher quality weapons for their shooting pleasure. (Note these weapons have very limited capabilities and are only intended for use with the firing ranges).

Incorporated into all ranges are improvements originally developed for the Medieval firing range, giving better compatibility with very high speed or very low speed projectiles allowing the use of bows and rock type weapons with all range styles and improves performance on Homestead sims.

What’s In The Box:

Each box should contain

  • A firing range base, usually called “<style> <type> Firing Range by TalTech”
  • A Settings Transfer Module
  • An Owners Quick Start Manual notecard
  • An Instructions Board
  • A TalTECH Landmark

Users of previous versions of the firing range should note that a style is not included in the box, this is due to a new feature where the base unit will rezz the style for you in exactly the correct location.

Quick Setup:

  1. Rez the base unit and wait for it to configure itself.
  2. (Pay To Play ranges only) Confirm if you want Pay To Play enabled and grant Debit Permissions if necessary.
  3. Position the base in the appropriate location.
  4. Touch a controller prim and select “Rez Style”
  5. (Pay To Play ranges only) Set the charge options from the “Pay 2 Play” menu.
  6. Touch a controller prim and select “Online”

For a detailed description of the options available in the range menu, please read the remainder of this document.

Rezzing The Range

When you rez the firing range base, it will go through an initial setup procedure which will take a few seconds on a standard sim and may take a minute on Homestead sims. It is recommended to allow this procedure to complete before attempting to configure your firing range.

Enable P2P Request Dialog

Debit Permissions Request

[Pay To Play ranges only section] At the completion of setup, the firing range will ask you if you wish to enable Pay To Play mode. If you select “Disable P2P” at this point, the firing range will not request debit permission and will operate as a Multi Player range.

If you select “Enable P2P” at this point, the firing range will request debit permissions from you and you will have to grant the permission before the range is useable. You can switch between Enabled and Disabled mode by resetting the range at any time (see the section on resetting below).

Debit permission is required to allow the range to refund players when they pay and are exempt, pay the wrong amount or have already paid to enter the current round and will only refund the exact price the player paid. [End of Pay To Play ranges only section]

Firing Range controllers circled in red.

Once the range has loaded, touching any of the controller prims (circled in red above) will bring up the Admin Menu shown below (Note that the “Pay 2 Play” option will only be available if you have a Pay To Play range). You can select “Reset” from this menu at any point to reset the range to its default status, any options you have customized will be reset however high scores will not be deleted.

Move the range base to the position you require then bring up the Admin menu then click “Rez Style”, the style for the range you purchased will be rezed in the correct position for you. If the style does not apear, ensure you have sufficient free prims to rez the style (see the styles page for information on the number of prims required).

The Main Admin Menu

Main Menu - P2P Mode Enabled

The main Admin Menu contains the following options

  • Reset – Reset the range to default settings, won’t clear stored results.
  • Options Menu
  • Pay 2 Play Menu – (Pay To Play ranges only)
  • Rez Style – Rezzes the appropriate style in the correct location for your range.
  • Online – Switch the range into Online mode so people can use it.
  • Clear Results – Clears the high scores stored in the range.
  • Update Menu

The Options Menu

Options Menu

The Options Menu contains the following

  • < Main > – Returns you to the main Admin Menu
  • Round Multi – Change the round multiplier
  • FF Limit – Change the Free Fire time limit
  • Results Ch – Set the results channel
  • Target Textu(re) – Select or set the target texture
  • Give Gun / Give Bow – Allow the dispensing of range weapons

Note that many sub-menus from the Options menu will have an < Options > menu item. In all cases, this option returns you to the options menu.

Setting Up Game Parameters

Modifying The Round Duration

The default round length for all game types (except Free Fire) is 1 minute. You can modify this using the Round Multi option from the Options menu. The Round Multiplier menu allows you to select from a number of predefined multipliers or reset the value to the Default 1 minute.

Setting Free Fire Time Limit

By default, Free Fire mode has no limit, instead a round lasts untill the player stops shooting (or rather, stops hitting) the targets. The Free Fire Time Limit option (FF Limit from the Options menu) allows you to specify the maximum time that a player can play in Free Fire mode.

Gun and Bow Dispenser Settings

The firing ranges have a built in option to allow players to request a basic bow or pistol that is compatible with the range. Click the Give Bow or Give Gun option on the Options menu and you will be presented with a menu allowing you to select whether these options are avilable in the players menu.

Results Channel Settings

The results channel option allows you to set the channel used to communicate with firing range accessories. You may, for example, want one set of ranges displaying their results on one results board and another set using a different result board. There are some things to note about the results channel setting

  • By default Results Broeadcast is active and set to -12345. Accessories also default to this channel.
  • The number must be negative
  • Setting to zero disables results broadcast from the range.
  • No matter the setting, accessories will only pick up results from ranges owned by the same owner as the accessory.
  • It doesn’t matter how many ranges are using the same channel, or how many accessories are listening on it.
  • Accessories will only pick up results from ranges in the same region.

You can either select the default channel by pressing the button labeled -12345 or type the channel numer you require into channel 101, for example in local chat type /101 -54321. The range will whisper confirmation that the channel has been set and you can double check the value in the options menu.

Texture Settings

Select the texture button to display the Target Texture Menu. From this menu you can select from the predefined target textures, or customize the targets with your own textures.

The default targets are (from left to right in the images below) Circle, Silhouette, Warrior and Wastelands. The first image shows targets which the user should shoot, the second image shows targets the user should not shoot.

Targets that can be shot

Targets that should not be shot

If you wish to create your own custom targets, a template PSD is available on request complete with instructions about sizing and positioning.

Once you have uploaded your texture to SL, right click on it in your inventory and select Copy Asset UUID then select (Custom) for standard targets and (NS Custom) for no-shot targets and enter the UUID into channel 101 (control+v will paste the UUID into the chat text box). If you only specify one target UUID, the other will remain as the last texture set selected, selecting another set of textures will overwrite any custom texture settings.

The Pay 2 Play Menu

Note: The Pay 2 Play menu, shown on the right, is only available on Pay To Play ranges and only if Debit Permission has been granted.

P2P Menu

The options on this menu are as follows

  • < Main > – Returns you to the main menu.
  • P2P Charge – Set the amount charged per user or per round.
  • P2P Mode – Select if the charge is applied per round or per player.
  • P2P Group – Select if group members are exempt from the P2P charge.

The P2P Charge option brings up the P2P Charge Menu allows you to select the amount that the player is required to pay to play on the range. You can either select from the predefined values or enter a custom value on channel 101 (for example/101 100). Setting the P2P charge to 0 on channel 101 or Free from the menu, will disable charging for this range.

The P2P Mode option brings up the P2P Mode Menu which allows you to select if per player or per round charges are applied. If you select Per Player, all players must pay the selected amount (unless exempt) to play in any given round. If you select Per Round, only the first player is charged, once they have selected a game mode, any other player can join for free.

The P2P Group option brings up the P2P Group Menu. If you select Yes from this menu, people in the same group the range is set to, and have that group active, will be able to play the range for free. If an exempt player pays the range, the money will automatically be refunded to them.

The Update Menu

Update Dialog

The update menu, shown left, allows you to check for updated for your range. Update notices will be sent to you automatically if you bought the range in SL and will be posted to the blog. However if you bought the range through XStreet, Apez or some other third party website, its worth checking occassionally to see if an update is available.

The Update button will request an update version of the range, if available, be delivered to you. The range will tell you if there is no update currently available for your range. The Load and Save buttons are used with the Settings Transfer Module (see below).

Using The Settings Transfer Module (STM)

The settings update module allows you to tranfer your settings and results from one range to another. The module can be picked up into your inventory and re-rezed on other sims allowing you to move, or add, your firing ranges to other locations without loosing settings.

Note that it is recommended never to have more than one Settings Transfer Module rezzed at a time.

To store settings and results in a settings transfer module, follow these steps

  • Rez a STM within 10 meters of the center of the source firing range.
  • Touch the STM and select Reset
  • Set the Range into Offline mode if it is not Offline already.
  • From the Admin Menu, Select Options, Update and Save.
  • Wait until the STM reports the download is complete.

You can now pick up the STM and travel to the location of the new Range.

To Load settings and results from the STM into a firing range, follow these steps

  • Rez the STM with the stored settings within 10 meters of the center of the target firing range.
  • Set the Range into Offline mode if it is not Offline already.
  • From the Admin Menu, Select Options, Update and Load.
  • Wait until the STM reports the upload is complete.
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