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Single PlayerMulti PlayerPay to Play
MONO ScriptedYesYesYes
Free UpgradesYesYesYes
Free Fire ModeYesYesYes
Standard Round Modes444
Advanced Round Modes444
Total Round Modes999
Modifiable StyleYesYesYes
Compatible With TalTECH Range Accessories (1)YesYesYes
Incude Settings Transfer ModuleYesYesYes
Selectable Round ModiferYesYesYes
Selectable Target Texture444
Customizable Target TexturesYesYesYes
Optional Pistol DispenserYesYesYes
Optional Bow DispenserYesYesYes
Compatible With Most GunsYesYesYes
Compatible With Most BowsYesYesYes
Records High ScoresYesYesYes
Maximum Players Per Round14 (2)4 (2)
Free Play ModeYesYesYes
Requires Debit PermissionsYes (3)
Configurable Charge RateYes
Per Round Charge OptionYes
Per Player Charge OptionYes
Group Charge ExceptionYes

  1. Requires Version 2.0 of the Results Boards (Free Upgrade Available)
  2. Some Ranges may support more than four players.
  3. Debit Permissions required for Pay To Play mode, range can be used without Debit Permissions but will operate only as a Multi Player range.
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