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TalTECH is now closed.

After much consideration, I have decided to close TalTECH Weapons in Second Life.   As such, my firing ranges and accessories will no longer be available to purchase either in SL or via the marketplace.

What does this mean for owners?  Your ranges will continue to work until Linden Lab does something that breaks them.  The only functionality that won’t work is the gun and bow dispenser options, which haven’t worked for a while now anyway.  However any weapon that uses a normal physical bullet/arrow should work with the ranges, please check your weapons for “physical”, “push” or some RP round types.

Please note I will no longer be offering support.  You can still check the owners manual and FAQ which will remain on this site until such time as the domain name expires and I don’t feel like renew it.

I think you for your business these past years.

Talwyn Mills

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