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June 22, 2018

In World Vendors, Range Updates and Built In Weapon Dispensors

I’m rather slow to the party, but I’ve just found out that HippoTech, the system I used for in-world vendors, in-range weapon dispensers and firing range updates, is no more. And this leaves me with three problems.

In World Vendors

Obviously the old HippoVend vendors no longer work and I’m in the process of replacing them with CasperVend vendors.  If you’ve recently bought a firing range from an in-world vendor and not received it, please let me know.  I’ve sent out some replacement ranges today, but I might have missed some people.

If you want to buy a range before the new vendors are online, please visit my store at the marketplace.

In-Range Gun and Bow Dispensers

The gun and bow dispenser built in to the firing ranges will no longer work as it relies on the HippoUpdate system.  I will update the ranges as soon as I can to use a replacement system, but in the mean time you can use any collision based from a quality weapon.

Firing Range Update System

The firing range update system is by far the biggest problem.  With HippoUpdate offline the built in update scripts will no longer work and with the complete loss of customer data from HippoVend, I have no way of sending out updates to customers.  I’m trying to figure out what to do about this, but I’m pretty short of ideas right now.

Please watch this space for updates.

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