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May 9, 2011

Pay to Play Ranges and Debit Permissions

A customer has recently expressed their disappointment of the need of Pay To Play versions of my firing ranges to be granted debit permissions.  I thought I would address these issues here in the hope of clarifying the situation for others that may have the same questions.

Debit permissions allow an object to pay money from the owners Linden Dollar (L$) balance to people other than the owner of that object.  Many people will be familiar with vendors that require this permission to allow split payments or refunds to a customer, but granting debit permissions to a firing range will not cause it to turn in to a vendor.  My firing ranges have no way of selling other copies of themselves and they won’t bug your users to buy them.  They simply require debit permissions to be able to pay money to someone else.

So why does a pay to play firing range require the ability to send money to someone else?  The simple answer is a refund.  I am a great believer that people should get what they pay for and in the case of a pay to play firing range they are paying for a round on the range.   There are a number of cases where a user may receive a refund form a firing range, some of these are:

  • If the firing range is full and they pay it anyway.
  • If they pay the wrong amount (which shouldn’t be possible without a hacked client, and they don’t get to play a round in this case)
  • If they pay then don’t start a game within a set time(for example if they crash)

In any case, the firing range will only ever pay out the exact amount paid by the user.  No money is ever sent anywhere else, ever.

So is a pay to play range useless if you don’t want to grant debit permissions?  No, a pay to play range will operate as a competitive range without debit permissions but it will not be able to charge L$’s for games.  If you haven’t already bought a range the don’t want to allow debit permissions, your probably best buying the cheaper competitive version.

So in summary:

  • Debit permission is required in pay to play ranges to accept payment for rounds.
  • Pay to play ranges can be used without debit permissions but your probably better off buying a competitive range in that case.
  • L$ will only be paid out in cases where a user doesn’t play on the range, and only the amount the user paid.
  • No money is sent anywhere else, ever.
  • The range doesn’t turn in to a vendor or otherwise annoy your customers to buy it.

I hope that clears some things up for everyone.

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