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Airliner Assault Firing Range Release

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new Firing Range style, Airliner Assault.  Available in store inSL and on the Marketplace in Single Player, Competitive and Pay To Play variants.

The style for this range was designed and created by XVIII Dae.

In this day and age you never know when you and your special forces squad mates will be called on to rescue hostages from the latest and greatest airliner. Get your training in now, hit those terrorists hard but watch out for innocent passengers.

Have a closer look at the range here.

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TalTECH items listed on the Marketplace

Since it seems Linden Lab can’t get themselves together sufficiently to actually complete the data migration for those of us who have had problems with it, I’ve decided to manually list all my ranges on the marketplace myself.  And since their mechanism that’s supposed to allow merchants to copy reviews over from XStreet SL to the marketplace also doesn’t work (big surprise there LL) my items don’t have their reviews and so can be found at the end of any search results.  Sigh.

Anyway, you can find my store here:

If you’ve previously bought a range and find you can write a review (I’ve no idea if that’s possible) please do so.


Market Place Listings M.I.A.

After all the work to get listings ready for the last migration to the new Marketplace, it appears that LL have managed to screw up my items and no data was transferred for them during the migration.  So currently you can not purchase or gift any TalTECH firing ranges on the marketplace and LL have stopped all sales on XStreet SL.  Great planning there Linden Lab.

You can still purchase or gift TalTECH Ranges in-world at the TalTECH Weapons store.

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