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September 11, 2010

Changes to XStreet SL Listings

In preparation for the last data migration from XStreet SL to Linden Lab’s new Marketplace, I’ve had to make a few changes to my XStreet listings.

The Marketplace does not allow you to change the object name associated with a listing, which means if you include the version in the object name and increment it on a new release, you’ll have to recreate the listing lose all the associated reviews.  I have therefore removed the version number from all objects associated with listings on XStreet SL and from now on will include the version number in the object description field.

Secondly, I’ve taken the opportunity to finally rename the old “Style 1” range to the newer “Under Construction” name.  The range itself is still identical and old versions will still update to the newer versions.

Since Linden Lab have announced the closure if XStreet SL, lets take a moment to review the issues I have with the Marketplace and see how many of them have been resolved.

  • A listing of items sold and who to.
  • The ability to re-deliver items if the original delivery fails. (I think this is included in the transaction history)
  • Feedback / rating system.
  • Traffic reporting. (Reports -> Top selling items has a per-item breakdown, an overall figure would be nice too)
  • Listing templates. (Auto-fill functionality is sufficiently similar)
  • The ability to change the object associated with a listing (useful if you put version numbers in the name for your products)
  • Mass activation/deactivation of items.
  • An interface that doesn’t reset to defaults whenever it likes (for example, in your Manage Inventory screen, click the link to show only listed items, click the link to unlist one of the items and the table returns to the default of showing all inventory)
  • The ability to sort the inventory table
  • Search Inventory function that can search on partial words, not just full word.  (for example, searching for Bun in my inventory returns no hits, Bunker returns all my Bunker Assault ranges)

So it seems we still have some distance to go, though some of the more important points have been address.  Hopefully we’ll see more fixes and additions before Linden Lab kill XStreet SL totally.

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