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September 2, 2010


Emerald: The Phox goes rogue

In my previous post I noted that a final release of Emerald would  be released and questioned how advisable it would be to trust the final release on Emerald.  I had hoped this this release would be clean and comply with requirements for the TPV Directory even if it wasn’t going to be listed there.

That isn’t going to be the case.

The final release of Emerald is going to be built by Phox, probably the least trustworthy person left on the Emerald team, and appears not only to have controversial files that LL ask be removed intact, but will have the ability to allow the user to spoof the channel name.  The channel name is, by default, how LL knows which viewer your using.  Allowing the user to change it on demand is a common feature of copybot clients and I wouldn’t be surprised if Phox simply replicated the changes from the Onyx codebase.  Phox once again shows his true colours, preferring to attack Second Life rather than step aside with dignity.

The updated at the top of that page is rather interesting too.  If this is true, Fractured, Skills, Discrete and Phox and their alts will soon no longer be welcome on the grid and the CDS data collection system will be no more.  I really do hope this is true as it shows that Linden Lab are willing to take steps to protect their customers, in this case it has taken far too long, but their actions now set a precedence for the future.

On another note, Arabella has apparently distributed a notecard within second life accusing Jessica Trinity of attempting a hostile takeover.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on this notecard as of yet (if you have a copy, feel free to drop one on my profile in SL) but Jessica has posted a rebuttal on her blog.  Given that Discrete and Skills had stepped down already and only the stubbornness of Phox was threatening the continuation of the Emerald project,  her actions appear to me to be intended to save Emerald by removing the last thorne in its side.  Of course we only have Jassica’s word against Arabella’s as to what happened and what the intentions of the involved were, plus no way of knowing what would have happened after Jessica’s attempt if it had succeeded.

The excerpt of dev chat in that post, if accurate, is also interesting, showing Phox’s egotistical attitude to Emerald and his willingness to destroy the project if he can’t make his buck out of it.  Would Emerald fail without Phox?  Possibly, but Emerald defiantly died with him and Phox and Fractured are the ones that killed it.

And finally, some people have been asking what they can use instead of Emerald if LL blocks it, especially those depending on its RLVa implementation.  Once again I’d like to recommend Imprudence, its has a full RLVa implementation, decent build tools, is actively developed and seems to be heading in the right direction.  And yes, for those of you that its important too, it has jiggle boobs too.

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