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August 24, 2010

Faux improvements in the new Marketplace announced by Grant Linden

More incomprehensible changes in the new Marketplace from the XStreet standard announced by Grant Linden.

A note on reviews:
You  may have noticed that reviews are showing up on the SL Marketplace Beta  site that are not currently showing up on XstreetSL. The way that  XstreetSL is designed, no reviews are revealed for a product until four  reviews are written. We improved on this feature in the new marketplace,  and products on the new marketplace will show reviews after the 1st  review is posted.

Now it seems to me that the reason behind waiting for four reviews on XStreet is quite simply to avoid the situation where someone malicious comes along and one-stars an item just for the hell of it, causing that item to be buried whenever someone orders things by rating.

People do take note of star ratings when browsing the XStreet, I certainly do, and skip over items rated very low.  It isn’t going to end well if you allow one person to have the power to cause a new item to be one-star rated.

Grant, if your reading this, it’s not a good idea and its defiantly not an improvement.

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