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August 24, 2010

Deleted Blog Post: LL requirements for Emerald

A post from the Modular Systems blog seems to have disappeared, maybe their having some back-end problems over there, but google cache caught it and I’ll reproduce it after the break.

The only comment I’ll make is on the highlighted part below, just how out of compliance with the TPV Policy was Emerald and the Emerald Team?

LL requirements for Emerald

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Today, the Emerald Development team has received a large list of requirements and conditions from LL. We have reviewed all of these conditions and fully intend to address and conform to ALL of them them as soon as we possibly can.

We feel the conditions are reasonable given recent events, however some will take more time than others to fulfill. It is a big list of things that we need to do, but we expect we should have all these conditions met within the next two weeks. By that time we will have a fully TPVP compliant viewer release out and re apply for the TPVD.

The use of the Emerald viewer is still a decision that is yours to make.

We have been informed that LL wants us to stop using the emkdu.dll file which improves rendering speed in our future releases. I would like to take a step in that direction as a show of faith to LL right now and ask our users to go into your Emerald install directory while you are not logged into the viewer, and delete the file named emkdu.dll. The viewer will continue to function correctly however possibly a bit slower.

In closing, I will reiterate, Emerald Dev Team intends to fully comply with the conditions set out before us by Linden Lab, and we plan to do so within the next two weeks. Use of the Emerald viewer is still your choice, Emerald is not a malicious viewer.

Sincerely, Jessica Lyon

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