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Marketplace updates, XStreet features turned off

A few days ago I posted a list of what is wrong with LL’s new Marketplace complaining primarily about LL’s push to add features that would cost the merchants over features that would actually be useful.  It seems LL has pushed out a new update with some new features, so lets revisit that list (the scored out items are the updates).

  • A listing of items sold and who to.
  • The ability to re-deliver items if the original delivery fails.
  • Feedback / rating system.
  • Traffic reporting.
  • Listing templates.
  • The ability to change the object associated with a listing (useful if you put version numbers in the name for your products)
  • Mass activation/deactivation of items.
  • An interface that doesn’t reset to defaults whenever it likes (for example, in your Manage Inventory screen, click the link to show only listed items, click the link to unlist one of the items and the table returns to the default of showing all inventory)
  • The ability to sort the inventory table
  • Search Inventory function that can search on partial words, not just full word.  (for example, searching for Bun in my inventory returns no hits, Bunker returns all my Bunker Assault ranges)

So it’s an improvement at least.  But here the big problem, hidden away in a sub-sub-sub bullet point

Ratings and Reviews feature for XstreetSL will be turned off, meaning that no new Ratings or Reviews can be added to the site.

Yup, LL have decided to start neutering XStreet SL in preference to their half-finished, feature-light Marketplace. Some times you have to wonder who comes up with these ideas.


Firing Ranges on the “NEW” marketplace..

You may have noticed that LL are pushing their new, still in beta, marketplace at the top of the welcome page to XStreet SL.  A few people have asked me why they can’t find my firing ranges in the new marketplace.  The simple answer is, because they aren’t there.

The new marketplace simply doesn’t yet have the features necessary to make it useful, I’ll list these after the break, but I’d describe the current state of the marketplace as in-development or Alpha at best, there is no way it can be described as beta.

Whats worse is that LL appears to be concentrating on features that the can charge merchants for rather than features that are actually useful, as shown by their recent announcement of if chargeable feature placement on the checkout and cart pages.

In the mean time, you can still find TalTECH firing ranges on the original XStreet SL marketplace.

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Were moving…

Were moving this domain over to another hosting site, so you might find things not working for a short time over the next few days as DNS propagates and files get transfered.

Edit: If your seeing this, your looking at the new site, welcome! There are a few things that still need fixed, we’ll get everything working asap.


Public Firing Range Listing

Were adding a feature over at the TalTECH website that lists publicly available firing ranges, whether its a single range on a public plot or a full blow shooting club, we’d like to list your location on the website at no cost to yourself.

In the future we hope to automate the system so you can log into the website and maintain your locations page yourself, but in the mean time we have to do things manually. So if you’d like to be listed, please copy the items below into a notecard, fill it in and drop it on my profile in SL and we’ll add you to the site.

Once we have a few sites signed up, there will be a rotating feature at the top of the main page and a special section listing the ranges.
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Signups available via Second Life

You can now sign up for this website via the signup terminals found at the Taltech Weapons store in Second Life. The terminals display the image on the left, there are two on the table to the left of the main enterance as you rez.
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Disabled signups

I’ve disabled signups for the moment and I’m working on a method of creating user accounts via Second Life® itself. As well as allowing registration without an email address, this will allow accounts to be created for actual avatars. This allows us to work on other projects without worrying about linking up website accounts to actual AV’s.


Were getting there..

All the firing range documentation and photos should be back and the links from XStreet SL should go to the right place now. You should be able to sign up again now (we wern’t able to being old accounts over I’m afraid) and theres a captcha and Akisment to nuke the spam. You don’t need to sign up to ask a question in any of the FAQ sections, but you will to use the forums (which were working on getting back up).


Site reset

Due to an issue with the web server, we’ve had to start from scratch on this web site.  Documentation and FAQ’s will be back up as soon as possible over the next few days.  Please bare with is while we get everything back together.

Good excuse to install WP3 though 🙂

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